Highrider: Roll For Initiative

Highrider: Roll For Initiative
Title: Roll For Initiative
Label: Sign Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

"Roll For Initiative" is the debut album from Highrider, set for release on The Sign Records the 15th of September. A metallic and raw debut filled with Scandinavian high energy heavy metal. Roll For Initiative holds 8 tracks that mixes thrash, metal, 70´s, doom, punk and hardcore. Highrider's hometown Gothenburg have always been a breeding ground for clashes of the extreme. Highrider's debut album is a disturbance between genres and follows up on the band's praised EP-release "Armageddon Rock" (2016, The Sign Records). Highrider's new album "Roll For Initiative" is nuclear destruction on it´s own, high energy, over the top music mutation beyond this world. Roll For Initiative was recorded by Ulf Blomberg in HoboRec Studio. The production got a greater and more magnificent sound then on Highrider's previous release. The larger production and a more profound songwriting can be heard on tracks as "The Greater Monkey", "Vagina Al Dente" and "Emotional Werewolf". At the same time there are a raw, pissed off and furious primitive force in songs as "Nihilist Lament" and "Batteries" that forge together the album to a much needed high energy outburst in 2017.

1.1 Nihilist Lament
1.2 A Burial Scene
1.3 Batteries
1.4 The Greater Monkey
1.5 Vagina Al Dente
1.6 Emotional Werewolf
1.7 Roll Dee Twenty
1.8 The Rope and the Blade

Highrider: Roll For Initiative

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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