Hillary Clinton: We Can Do It

Hillary Clinton: We Can Do It
Title: We Can Do It
Label: Culture Factory
Product Type: VINYL LP

Extremely limited vinyl LP picture disc pressing. 18 patriotic tracks for your next election or fireworks party. Running time for this release is approximately 43 minutes.

1.1 Hail to the Chief
1.2 Star Spangled Banner
1.3 The Stars and Stripes Forever
1.4 Semper Fidelis
1.5 The Washington Post March
1.6 Marine's Hymn
1.7 The Thunderer
1.8 El Capitan
1.9 Pledge of Allegiance
1.10 God Bless America
1.11 The Liberty Bell
1.12 My Country Tis of Thee
1.13 When Johnny Comes Marching Home
1.14 Battle Hymn of the Republic
1.15 Yankee Doodle
1.16 You're a Grand Old Flag
1.17 Happy Days Are Here
1.18 The Gettysburg Address Again

Hillary Clinton: We Can Do It

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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