Hillbilly Bop Boogie & the Honky Tonk Blues: Vol. 2-1951-53-Hillbilly Bop Boogie & the Honky to

Hillbilly Bop Boogie & the Honky Tonk Blues: Vol. 2-1951-53-Hillbilly Bop Boogie & the Honky to
Title: Vol. 2-1951-53-Hillbilly Bop Boogie & the Honky to
Label: Jasmine Music

(2-CD set) This is the 2nd volume in Jasmine's series of Hillbilly Bop & Boogie, packed to the hilt with 48 tracks of rompin', stompin', toe-tappin' music from 1951-53. It's the kind of music that Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis were listening to in their formative years. Dim lights, thick smoke, and loud loud music - hillbilly music with a beat. Bobby Bland once said "I think hillbilly music has more of a story than people give it credit for." This set features Mervin Shiner, Louie Innis, Jimmie Davis, Eddie Hill, Okie Jones, Curtis Kirk, Leroy Jenkins, Lee Bell, Cliffie Stone, Joe Martin, Jack Rowe, Loyd Weaver, Zeke Clements and many others. This set includes a booklet with informative liner notes by Al Turner.

1.1 Ball and Chain Boogie - Shiner, Mervin
1.2 Stomp That Thing - Innis, Louis
1.3 Fifteen Miles from Dallas - Davis, Jimmie (1)
1.4 Salty Dog Rag - Hill, Eddie
1.5 Hillbilly Bessie - Jones, Okie
1.6 Bomb Bosh Boogie - Rowe, Jack
1.7 She's Got Something - Ballad, Jimmy
1.8 I Can't Take It with Me - Kirk, Curtis
1.9 Help Me Lose the Boogie Woogie Blues - Soots, Bobby
1.10 Sissy Song - Burris, Neal
1.11 Pick Up Blues - Hicks, Johnny
1.12 I Love You Boogie - Lee, Laura ; Dickie McBride
1.13 Hard Time Hard Luck Blues - Jenkins, Leroy
1.14 Dirty Dishes - Stone, Cliffie
1.15 I'm Hog Tied Over You - Ford, 'Tennessee' Ernie ; Ella Mae Morse
1.16 Automobile Baby - Osborne, Jimmie
1.17 Tom Cattin' Around - Marvin, Ken
1.18 Grinnin' Like a Possum - Boots Faye ; the Sun Valley Cowboys
1.19 Beatin' Out the Boogie - Bell, Lee
1.20 Honky Tonk Blues - Marshall, Eddie
1.21 How About a Date - Marvin, Ken
1.22 Milk Cow Blues - Martin, Joe
1.23 I've Lived a Lot in My Time - Rhodes, Jack ; His Lone Star Buddies
1.24 Hill Top Rag - Rowe, Jack
2.1 While the Getting's Good - Wallace, Billy ; the Bama Drifters
2.2 One Wheel Draggin' - Weaver, Loyd
2.3 When You Make Up Your Mind - Crawford, Blackie
2.4 Goose Rock - Hobbs, Bud
2.5 Paper Boy Boogie - Strength, 'Texas' Bill
2.6 Where Have You Been - Gunter, Hardrock
2.7 Payday Saturday Night - Clements, Zeke
2.8 Howlin' and Prowlin - Rogers, Jesse
2.9 Drive on - McDaniel, Luke
2.10 Tight Shoe Boogie - Bowshier, Donnie
2.11 She Buys and Buys and Buys - Ray, Billy
2.12 Waxahachie Dishwasher Boy - Boyd, Jimmy
2.13 Mama Loves Papa - Rhodes, Jack ; His Lone Star Buddies
2.14 I Want a Bowlegged Woman - Ballard, Jimmy Lee
2.15 Boogie Woogie Baby - Innis, Louis
2.16 Knock Out the Lights (And Call the Law) - Hart, Jack
2.17 Bullfrog Boogie - Slone, Earl
2.18 I Can't Go - McDaniel, Luke
2.19 If They Ever Get Together - Rector, Johnny
2.20 Steppin' Out and Sneakin' in - Weaver, Loyd
2.21 Jump Jack Jump - Crawford, Blackie
2.22 My P'roxide Blond - Stroud, Toby
2.23 You're Just a Female Hound Dog - Gore, Charlie ; Louie Innis
2.24 Buckshot - Hill, Eddie

Hillbilly Bop Boogie & the Honky Tonk Blues: Vol. 2-1951-53-Hillbilly Bop Boogie & the Honky to

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