Him: Love Metal

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Artist: Him

Artist: Him
Title: Love Metal
Product Type: VINYL LP

2 LP Deluxe Remaster of HiM's Love Metal. "Of all of HiM's albums, Deep Shadows and Brilliant Highlights possesses the biggest contrast between dark and light. There may not have been as many entombed emotions and vampire hearts to be found here, but Valo's sensual delivery and poetic words still dove into an ocean of romantic darkness, albeit with a hopeful light shining through on tunes like "In Joy and Sorrow" and "You Are The One"." - Bryan Reesman.

1.1 Buried Alive by Love
1.2 The Funeral of Hearts
1.3 Beyond Redemption
1.4 Sweet Pandemonium
1.5 Soul on Fire
1.6 The Sacrament
1.7 This Fortress of Tears
1.8 Circle of Fear
1.9 Endless Dark
1.10 The Path

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