Hindemith / Loffler / Buchberg Quartet

Hindemith / Loffler / Buchberg Quartet: Clarinet Quintet

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Title: Clarinet Quintet
Label: Wergo Germany

For the first time Hindemith's Clarinet Quintet op. 30 can be heard in it's original version of 1923. In this version it is one of Hindemith's wildest and most adventurous works, not to compare with the smooth conventional one of 1954 which has been the only version known.The Repertoire for Military Orchestra "Minimax" is one of Hindemith's musical parodies. It was composed in only two days to form the rousing finale to the Donaueschingen Chamber Music Concerts of 1923. Here Hindemith parodies the usual musical forms for military bands.The "Overture to the 'Flying Dutchman' as Played at Sight by a Second-Rate Concert Orchestra at the Village Well at 7 o'clock in the Morning" - undated but probably composed around 1925 - is not a parody of Wagner's music, but rather exactly the kind of music making described in the title. This music was found in Hindemith's remains and has not been published yet. Buchberger Quartett (Hubert Buchberger, Julia Greve: violin / Joacchim Etzel: viola / Helmut Sohler: cello) / Peter Klaus Löffler: clarinet.

1.1 Quintett FÜR Klarinette Und Streichquartett Op. 30, Erstfassung/ Repertorium FÜR Militärmusik 'Minimax' FÜR Streichquartett
1.2 Ouvertüre Zum 'Fliegenden Holländer' FÜR Streichquartett

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