Hiromi / Castaneda, Edmar

Hiromi / Castaneda, Edmar: Live In Montreal

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Product Type: VINYL LP

Artist: Hiromi / Castaneda, Edmar
Title: Live In Montreal
Product Type: VINYL LP

Double vinyl LP pressing including digital download. When Hiromi met Edmar Castaneda at The Montreal Jazz Festival last year, she found him so amazing musically that she knew at some point they should collaborate together. "The first time I heard Edmar I simply said "Wow!" in awe of his artistry. So now, I would like all of you to hear his music so you can go "WOW!" too," said Hiromi. Because of this connection musically, these two great talents decided to join forces as a duet for 2017.

1.1 A Harp in New York
1.2 For Jaco
1.3 Cantina Band
1.4 Moonlight Sunshine
1.5 Libertango
2.1 The Elements: Air
2.2 The Elements: Earth
2.3 The Elements: Water
2.4 The Elements: Fire

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