Hnqo: The Old Door

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Hnqo

Title: The Old Door
Label: D.O.C.
Product Type: VINYL LP

Henrique Oliveira, aka Hnqo, is the man responsible for the exciting full album The Old Door on D.O.C. Hnqo is one of the fastest rising young stars in the techno, house, and indie dance scene in Brazil. Causing much attention and hype with his recent track "Balinese Death", featured in Magnum Vol. I (DOC 011LP, 2016), and having reached the #1 spot at Hot Creations Top selling single, Hnqo introduces his first album, The Old Door, influenced by Marlin Stimming and Anders Trentemøller. A weird string sound marks the opening of "The OId Door". By mixing old sounds with new ideas, while recording different instruments, the track shows Hnqo's life and it features Urzula Amen on vocals. "The Death Of The Elephant" is a soundtrack to remind us how destructive human kind has been to the nature. Using sounds of pizzicato violin, "40's Cartoon" take you on a journey through the artist's imagination. The album is filled with the Henrique life moments during the year it took to produce the album. For example, in "Egyptian Lover", Hnqo describes how nice it would have been to have a lover flying overnight. On this track, Russian singer Cotry interprets the lyrics. "Fallen Angel" is a dramatic piece telling a story still about flying. "If" is another collaboration with the amazing Urzula Amen. As the end nears, "Light A Cigarette" reaches a melancholic state where all melodies were recorded with eyes shut and in complete darkness; A spiritual moment that became Henrique's favorite track of this project - the scratch of a match, the flame and then a foggy synth that releases all the feelings in sound waves. The album cover was inspired on a door that Hnqo was able to enter by playing certain keys on his synths, percussions and strings that allowed him to reach an organic level while making it all a bit more human in terms of groove construction. To get a better feel of what this album has to say, Hnqo invites you to open The Old Door.

1.1 The Old Door (Feat. Urzula Amen)
1.2 The Death of the Elephant
1.3 40's Cartoon
1.4 Egyptian Lover (Feat. Cotry)
1.5 Bowed Piano
1.6 Fallen Angel
1.7 If (Feat. Urzula Amen)
1.8 Light a Cigarette
1.9 Touching My Soul

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