Holding Absence

Holding Absence: Holding Absence

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Holding Absence

Title: Holding Absence
Label: Sharptone Records

The Cardiff, Wales band Holding Absence are excited to announce their debut self-titled debut record will be released through Sharptone records worldwide on March 8, 2019. To coincide with the release of the album, Holding Absence will be embarking on their biggest headline tour to date at the end of March.

1.1 Perish
1.2 Your Love (Has Ruined My Life)
1.3 Like a Shadow
1.4 You Are Everything
1.5 Marigold
1.6 To Fall Asleep
1.7 Monochrome
1.8 A Godsend
1.9 Last of the Evening Light
1.10 Purge
1.11 Wilt

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