Holding Absence

Holding Absence: The Greatest Mistake of My Life (Coke Bottle Green Vinyl)

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Holding Absence

Title: The Greatest Mistake of My Life (Coke Bottle Green Vinyl)
Label: Sharptone Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

We all make mistakes. We all have regrets. We all look back on the loves and losses life brings and lament on how things might have been different. In these deeply personal moments of reflection our emotions can run wild as we contemplate our choices and come to terms with what's next. Hindsight is a powerful and complex thing, and a phenomenon whose intricacies are explored in captivating fashion on The Greatest Mistake Of My Life, the second album from Cardiff's Holding Absence.

1.1 Awake
1.2 Celebration Song
1.3 Curse Me with Your Kiss
1.4 Afterlife
1.5 Drugs and Love
1.6 In Circles
1.7 Nomoreroses
1.8 Beyond Belief
1.9 Die Alone (In Your Lover's Arms)
1.10 Phantoms
1.11 Mourning Song
1.12 The Greatest Mistake of My Life

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