Holly: 2 Record

Holly: 2 Record
Title: 2 Record
Label: Outer Sunset Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

Double 200 gram vinyl LP pressing including digital download. 2015 release. Holly Muñoz is a musician and songwriter from El Paso, Texas. She has made two records with John Vanderslice at Tiny Telephone in San Francisco, California, and is one-half of Holly & Ken, an indie country opera project with Ken Stringfellow (of R.E.M., Big Star, The Posies). #2 Record features performances by John Vanderslice, Ken Stringfellow, Alan Sparhawk (of Low), Andy Stochansky (of Ani DiFranco), John Hermanson (of Storyhill), and Brian Tighe (of The Hangups).

1.1 Two Person Canoes
1.2 Unfiu
1.3 Rotc
1.4 A Song for Erin and Paul
1.5 The Underdog: An Homage to Tony Sackett
1.6 Nameless
1.7 For Ever Times Nine
1.8 Moonshine
1.9 For Ever Times Nine with John Hermanson and Ken Stringfellow
1.10 Rotc with Ken Stringfellow
1.11 Moonshine with John Vanderslice
1.12 The Underdog: An Homage to Tony Sackett with Alan
1.13 Nameless with Brian Tighe
1.14 Unfiu with Ken Stringfellow and Brian Tighe
1.15 A Song for Erin and Paul with Andy Stochansky
1.16 Two Person Canoes with John Hermanson and Jacob Winik

Holly: 2 Record

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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