Holy Serpent: Temples

Holy Serpent: Temples
Title: Temples
Label: Riding Easy

In the short time since their self-titled RidingEasy debut in mid-2015, Melbourne, Australia's Holy Serpent have gained a lot of attention for their rather punk version of heavy psych and metal. Fittingly, there's a strong vibe of early Soundgarden, Saint Vitus and Kyuss to Temples in that it's undeniably heavy, but also clever in it's experimentation with subtle tempo shifts, multiple vocal effects and other production techniques. But it's still more Sabotage than Sabbath Bloody Sabbath.

1.1 Purification By Fire
1.2 Bury Me Standing
1.3 Toward the Sands
1.4 The Black Stone
1.5 Sativan Harvest

Holy Serpent: Temples

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