Homer & Jethro: Take Off Your Gloves & Play

Homer & Jethro: Take Off Your Gloves & Play
Title: Take Off Your Gloves & Play
Label: Jasmine Records

Homer Haynes and Jethro Burns were Country Music's most successful comedic duo for more than 4 decades. Their mangled parodies of popular songs delighted record buyers from the mid-1940s to the early 70s, and kept them ahead of their funny peers at all times. Haynes and Burns' professional personae hid the fact that, in the real world, both men were well-educated and highly skilled musicians, and among the most highly rated exponents of mandolin and guitar outside of jazz. But on record they yukked it up as a couple of hicks, hell bent on deconstructing the hits of the day, which they usually did in spectacularly funny fashion. This collection focuses on H & J's earliest recordings and features their output for the King label between 1946 and 1948 (or as much of it as Jasmine could fit onto one CD anyway). Remastered from the cleanest available 78s, they have never sounded as good as they do in this collection. Haynes and Burns can still put a smile on any face with their cheerful mangling of songs that, to be fair, frequently cried out for the Homer & Jethro treatment. If you're looking for humorous hillbilly harmonies and hot guitar and mandolin solos, you've come to the right CD.

1.1 Glow Worm
1.2 Boll Weevil
1.3 Always
1.4 Ground Hog
1.5 Night and Day
1.6 Symphony
1.7 It's a Bloody War
1.8 Managua, Nicaragua
1.9 Three Nights Experience
1.10 (I Love You) for Sentimental Reasons
1.11 I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now?
1.12 Margie
1.13 All Night Long
1.14 Cielito Lindo
1.15 I'll Close My Eyes
1.16 It Bruised Her Somewhat
1.17 Donkey Serenade
1.18 Blue Tail Fly
1.19 Rye Whiskey
1.20 Fly Birdie Fly
1.21 I'm Glad I Waited for You
1.22 When It's Long Handle Time in Tennessee
1.23 I Feel That Old Age Creeping on
1.24 Goodbye Old Booze
1.25 (Don't Telephone, Don't Telegraph) Tell a Woman
1.26 Over the Rainbow

Homer & Jethro: Take Off Your Gloves & Play

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