Honesty, Jamil / Hxlysmxkes: Rufus Buck Project

Honesty, Jamil / Hxlysmxkes: Rufus Buck Project
Title: Rufus Buck Project
Label: Hip-Hop Enterprise

The Rufus Buck Project was originally released in the 4th quarter of 2020 as a short EP. The project reflects a mood of frustration, anger and the willingness to fight for what should be freely given... FREEDOM!!! Jamil calls it Riot music while Baltimores own Hxlysmxkes lays the Illest foundation of sonics for the emcee to speak truth to power.  HHE linked up with Jamil and Hxlysmxkes to bring you a deluxe edition of the project that will include three extra full tracks featuring elite emcee and singers such as Midaz The Beast, Ke Turner and Rell and of course scratches from DJ Grazzhoppa!   Vinyl edition by Hip-Hop Enterprise out now limited to 75 copies on gold opaque vinyl (available exclusively through Jamil Honesty), 75 copies on red opaque vinyl and 100 copies on standard black vinyl.

1.1 Intro
1.2 Rebello Feat. DJ Grazzhoppa
1.3 Potentia Nigrum
1.4 Diabolus Feat. DJ Grazzhoppa
1.5 Deceptio
1.6 Vigilians
1.7 Interlude (The Chairman)
1.8 Periculum (Danger!) Feat. Midaz the Beast ; DJ Grazzhoppa
1.9 Ceasare Feat. Rell
1.10 Lamentations Feat. Ke Turner
1.11 Exitus (Outro)

Honesty, Jamil / Hxlysmxkes: Rufus Buck Project

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