Horace Tapscott

Horace Tapscott: Dial 'B' For Barbra

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Release Date: 11/05/2021
Artist: Horace Tapscott

Title: Dial 'B' For Barbra
Label: Pure Pleasure
Product Type: VINYL LP

The best of pianist Horace Tapscott's recordings for the tiny Nimbus label is this 1981 LP which features him in a sextet with trumpeter Reggie Bullen, altoist Gary Bias, tenor saxophonist Sabir Matteen, bassist Roberto Miranda and drummer Everett Brown, Jr. The group stretches out on a couple of Tapscott's originals plus a 19-and-a-half-minute version of Linda Hill's 'Dem Folks.' Although the music could be called avant-garde, it's use of rhythms and repetition keep the results from being forbidding and the performances have a momentum of their own. A great group recording from pianist Horace Tapscott - recorded in LA in the early 80s, but done with all the righteousness and spirituality of his earlier albums! Tracks are long and exploratory, but also relatively lyrical too - stretching out with a style that's never too 'outside', and which has Horace and the group really soaring to the heavens on the best moments!

1.1 Lately's Solo
1.2 Dial 'B' for Barbra
1.3 Dem' Folks
1.4 Lately's Solo (Take One)
1.5 Heard Ya Before Ya Got Here

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