Horrorpops: Kiss Kiss Kill Kill

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Horrorpops

Artist: Horrorpops
Title: Kiss Kiss Kill Kill
Product Type: VINYL LP

Their third release finds the band perfectly poised between the raw punk energy of their 2004 debut, HELL YEAH and the brash, singalong pop of 2006's BRING IT ON. While never dropping their trademark sexy, horror flick flair, KISS KISS KILL KILL brings back the rawness and immediacy that's made them the premiere touring band in the scene.

1.1 Thelma ; Louise
1.2 Missfit
1.3 Boot2Boot
1.4 Heading for the Disco?
1.5 Kiss Kiss Kill Kill
1.6 Everything's Everything
1.7 Hitchcock Starlet
1.8 Highway55
1.9 Horrorbeach Pt. 2 [Instrumental]
1.10 Copenhagen Refugee
1.11 Keep My Picture!
1.12 Private Hall of Shame

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