Horslips: Live at the O2

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Artist: Horslips

Artist: Horslips
Title: Live at the O2

UK two CD live set from the acclaimed Irish Folk/Prog Rock act, taped during special performances in December '09 at the 02 in Dublin. At one point in the mid-1970s, Horslips bidded to be Ireland's answer to Steeleye Span. They also had crossover fans with Jethro Tull, Genesis, and even Yes in their folkier moments. Horslips released many superb albums along the way, becoming Ireland's most acclaimed band. Horslips drew on their distinctly Irish roots, and were capable of playing straight Folk material when the moment called for it, but weren't afraid to turn up loud and hard, in the best art-rock style, on the right songs. Talking Elephant. 2011.

1.1 King of the Fairies
1.2 The Power and the Glory
1.3 Mad Pat
1.4 Blind Man
1.5 Wrath of the Rain
1.6 Furniture
1.7 The High Reel
1.8 Faster Than the Hound
1.9 The Piper in the Meadows Straying
1.10 Long Week End
1.11 Rescue Me
1.12 Maeve's Court
1.13 Charolais
1.14 Daybreak
1.15 Drive the Cold Winter Away
1.16 Ride to Hell
1.17 Sideways to the Sun
1.18 Sword of Light
1.19 Flirting in the Shadows
1.20 Ghosts
1.21 Speed the Plough
1.22 Sure the Biy Was Green
1.23 I'll Be Waiting
1.24 The Man Who Built America
1.25 Trouble with a Capital T
1.26 Dearg Doom
1.27 Lonliness
1.28 Warm Sweet Breath of Love
1.29 Shakin' All Over
2.11 Shakin' All Over

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