Hossam Ramzy

Hossam Ramzy: Best of Abdul Halim Hafiz

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Hossam Ramzy

Title: Best of Abdul Halim Hafiz
Label: Arc Music

Hossam Ramzy presents very danceable renditions of six of the most popular songs of Abdul Halim Hafiz, who was beloved and revered by everyone throughout the Arabian world in his time and whose music is still immensely popular today and played by radio stations and listened to throughout the Middle East every day.

1.1 Bahlam Beek [I'm Dreaming About You]
1.2 Oqbalal Yom Miladak [May You Attain the Same Happiness]
1.3 Olulu [Please Tell Her the Truth]
1.4 Ganalhawa [Love Has Come Our Way]
1.5 Khusara Khusara [What a Loss]
1.6 Asmar Yasmarani [My Beloved Dark One]
1.7 Olulu [Remastered]
1.8 Ganalhawa [Remastered]

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