Hot Nut Riveters

Hot Nut Riveters: Moustache Girl

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Artist: Hot Nut Riveters
Title: Moustache Girl

Guy Forsyth leads an all-star Austin cast including several Asylum Street Spankers. Their debut studio album"Moustashe Girl", features seven voices, countless instruments, and five hilarious commercials. Expect classic American tunes as well new original material from some of Austin's finest!

1.1 Leadfoot Larry
1.2 Southern Hospitality
1.3 Rock a Buy Your Baby
1.4 Your Feet's Too Big
1.5 Ella Tiene Un Bigote
1.6 Holy Ground
1.7 Hot Dog!
1.8 Long Way Home
1.9 I'm Too Old for This Crap
1.10 It's a Sin to Tell a Lie
1.11 I Don't Like Work
1.12 Take a Break
1.13 In My Dreams
1.14 Tradewinds
1.15 New Orleans
1.16 True Romance
1.17 Blues in the Bottle
1.18 Devil's Slide
1.19 Nothing from Nothing
1.20 The Rest Is Silence
1.21 Compassion

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