Hot Sauce: Good Woman Turning Bad

Hot Sauce: Good Woman Turning Bad
Title: Good Woman Turning Bad
Label: Ace Records UK

UK collection containing the complete recordings of Detroit-based, Memphis-recorded act Hot Sauce, who came to Stax Records in 1971 and who had the dubious honor of releasing the last-ever single on Volt in 1975. Hot Sauce only had two modest R&B chart hits but all of the act's work is highly regarded and avidly collected by lovers of serious Southern soul. Stax.

1.1 Good Woman Turning Bad
1.2 I Can't Let You Go
1.3 Bring It Home (And Give It to Me)
1.4 What Do You See in Her?
1.5 Love Strike Previously Unissued Volt Recording (2012)
1.6 Stop Dogging Me
1.7 I'll Kill a Brick (About My Man)
1.8 Mama's Baby (Daddy's Maybe)
1.9 Funny
1.10 I Can't Win for Losing
1.11 Echoes from the Past

Hot Sauce: Good Woman Turning Bad

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