Hour of 13

Hour of 13: Salt The Dead: The Rare And Unreleased

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Artist: Hour of 13

Artist: Hour of 13
Title: Salt The Dead: The Rare And Unreleased
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. Shadow Kingdom Records is proud to present a long-overdue demos and rarities collection from thee immortal Hour of 13, appropriately titled Salt The Dead: The Rare And Unreleased. Across this massive collection, one will find Hour of 13's very first steps into doom metal godhood, alongside alternate recordings of fan favorites. Listening to Salt The Dead: The Rare And Unreleased, it becomes quickly apparent that something truly special was being birthed upon the band's first recorded notes. The first half of this collection - sides A and B of the double-vinyl edition - comprise demos recorded in 2007. The first three songs were the very first written by Hour of 13 in November 2006 and then recorded not long after; the next five songs were recorded nearly a year later. Together, these eight songs would form the foundation of the band's now-classic debut, released by Shadow Kingdom as Hour of 13. Although recognizably Hour of 13, these early demo versions of the debut's songs have slightly different arrangements while others have slightly different vocals, but every single bit of the band's trademark atmosphere is plentiful and poignant. Verily, this is the sound of lingering incense and burning blood.

1.1 Call to Satan [Demo]
1.2 Submissive to Evil [Demo]
1.3 The Correlation [Demo]
1.4 Endurement to the Heirs of Shame [Demo]
1.5 Grim Reality [Demo]
1.6 Hex of Harm [Demo]
1.7 Allowance of Sin [Demo]
1.8 Missing Girl [Demo]
1.9 Call to Satan [Chad Davis, Vocals]
1.10 The Rites of Samhain [Chad Davis, Vocals]
1.11 Upon Black Wings We Die [Tribute to Jason McCash]
1.12 The Gathering / Call to Satan [Ben Hogg, Vocals]
1.13 Submissive to Evil [Ben Hogg, Vocals]
1.14 Grim Reality [Ben Hogg, Vocals]

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