Hour of Penance

Hour of Penance: Sedition

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Hour of Penance

Title: Sedition
Label: Prosthetic Records

Hour of Penance are poised to strike and devastate the ears of the loyal disciples of death metal once more with a merciless master class in brutality entitled Sedition. Unleashing a likely tour de force in maniacal death metal brutality, a celebration of music in it's darkest and most inhuman form, Hour of Penance have ascended to an even greater height of precision savagery.

1.1 Transubstantiatio
1.2 Enlightened Submission
1.3 Decimate the Ancestry of the Only God
1.4 Fall of the Servants
1.5 Ascension
1.6 The Cannibal Gods
1.7 Sedition Through Scorn
1.8 Deprave to Redeem
1.9 Blind Obedience

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