Thirstin Howl III: Lo Down and Dirty

Howl III, Thirston & Rack Lo: Lo Down and Dirty
Title: Lo Down and Dirty
Label: Green Streets Ent

Thirst in Howl III is set to release his debut collaborative album LO DOWN & DIRTY with partner in rhyme Rack-Lo. Every song is punchy and powerful, proving that when it comes to beats, it's not about where you're from but where your production skills are at. LO DOWN & DIRTY is a grimy, street-life laden musical landscape befitting the criminal stories and Lo Life anthems that Thirst in and Rack bring to the table with assured finesse.

1.1 Lo Life Founders
1.2 2 L's Up
1.3 Popo Comin
1.4 Lo Down ; Dirty
1.5 City Slicking
1.6 Thirsty, Thirsty
1.7 Story to Tell
1.8 Jump
1.9 Connect
1.10 Too Hot
1.11 The Meeahh
1.12 5 Finger Discount

Thirstin Howl III: Lo Down and Dirty

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