Howler: Fallen But Not Forgotten

Howler: Fallen But Not Forgotten
Title: Fallen But Not Forgotten
Label: PRC Music

We understand there is a lot of bands out there just surfing the new thrashy metal wave but this central American band's been crafting it's music for years and it shows if you carefully listen to this masterpiece at hand. Drawing influences from the good old mid 80's US thrash movement and early works from bands such as METALLICA, MEGADETH, TESTAMENT and EXODUS... Again, this is a masterpiece!

1.1 Fallen But Not Forgotten
1.2 Power Source
1.3 The Screenplay of Our Lives
1.4 Khan Abyss
1.5 Everyone Wants to Go to Heaven... But Nobody Wants to Die
1.6 Inhaler
1.7 Deadly Acid
1.8 Fusion
1.9 Time to Make Our Move
1.10 Spiral City

Howler: Fallen But Not Forgotten

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