Howlin' Wolf

Howlin' Wolf: Wolf, Howlin : Complete RPM &Chess Singles As & BS 1951-62

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Artist: Howlin' Wolf

Artist: Howlin' Wolf
Title: Wolf, Howlin : Complete RPM &Chess Singles As & BS 1951-62

Chester Burnett, better known as Howlin' Wolf, was one of the most important and influential figures in Chicago Blues through the 1950s, and along with Muddy Waters helped to establish the electric blues style that laid the foundations for rock music in subsequent decades. With his imposing physical presence and loud, almost fearsome voice, he was a powerful and impressive performer, who wrote and popularised songs which have become classic standards of the genre, like "Spoonful", "Smokestack Lightning", "Killing Floor" and "Red Rooster", which became fixtures in the repertoire of bands like The Rolling Stones, who very much championed his cause and widened his reputation in the latter years of his career. This collection brings together both sides of all the singles he released through the RPM and Chess labels during the first hugely important decade of his career, along with bonus tracks comprising recordings made at sessions during this period which were not released as singles at the time. It's a great-value 80-track 3-CD set, which showcases one of the major personalities of the blues.

1.1 Moanin' at Midnight
1.2 How Many More Years
1.3 Riding in the Moonlight
1.4 Morning at Midnight
1.5 Passing By Blues
1.6 Crying at Daybreak
1.7 My Baby Stole Off
1.8 I Want Your Picture
1.9 Wolf Is at Your Door
1.10 Howlin' Wolf Boogie
1.11 Getting Old and Grey
1.12 Mr. Highway Man
1.13 Saddle My Pony
1.14 Worried All the Time
1.15 Oh, Red!
1.16 My Last Affair
1.17 All Night Boogie
1.18 I Love My Baby
1.19 No Place to Go
1.20 Rockin' Daddy
1.21 Baby How Long
1.22 Evil Is Going on
1.23 I'll Be Around
1.24 Forty-Four
1.25 Who Will Be Next
1.26 I Have a Little Girl
2.1 Come to Me Baby
2.2 Don't Mess with My Baby
2.3 Smokestack Lightning
2.4 You Can't Be Beat
2.5 I Asked for Water
2.6 So Glad
2.7 Goin' Back Home
2.8 My Life
2.9 Somebody in My Home
2.10 Nature
2.11 Poor Boy
2.12 Sittin' on Top of the World
2.13 I Didn't Know
2.14 Moaning for My Baby
2.15 I'm Leaving You
2.16 Change My Way
2.17 Howlin' Blues
2.18 I Better Go Now
2.19 I've Been Abused
2.20 Mister Airplane Man
2.21 You Gonna Wreck My Life
2.22 Natchez Burning
2.23 Who's Been Talking
2.24 Tell Me
2.25 Spoonful
2.26 Howlin' for My Baby
2.27 Wang Dang Doodle
3.1 Back Door Man
3.2 Little Baby
3.3 Down in the Bottom
3.4 Shake for Me
3.5 Red Rooster
3.6 You'll Be Mine
3.7 Goin' Down Slow
3.8 Just Like I Treat You
3.9 I Ain't Superstitious
3.10 Mama's Baby
3.11 Do the Do
3.12 Keep What You Got [*]
3.13 California Blues [*]
3.14 California Boogie [*]
3.15 My Troubles and Me [*]
3.16 Worried About My Baby [*]
3.17 Brown Skin Woman [*]
3.18 House Rockin' Boogie [*]
3.19 Driving This Highway [*]
3.20 Sun Is Rising [*]
3.21 Stealing My Clothes [*]
3.22 I'm the Wolf [*]
3.23 Highway My Friend [*]
3.24 Hold Your Money [*]
3.25 Stay Here Till My Baby Comes Back [*]
3.26 Crazy About You Baby [*]
3.27 Streamline Woman [*]

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