Hubbell Pierce/William Roy

Hubbell Pierce/William Roy: Cole Porter: Sung By Hubbell Pierce

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Artist: Hubbell Pierce/William Roy
Title: Cole Porter: Sung By Hubbell Pierce

Vocalist & pianist pay tribute to composer, w. vocal tracks recorded in 1973 + 3 instrumentals recorded in 1996; feat. Paul Germano-bass, Jim Fitzsimon-drums, John Loehrke-bass.

1.1 Piano Medley: All of You/Easy to Love/From Now On/Let's Fly Away
1.2 When Love Comes Your Way
1.3 They All Fall in Love
1.4 My Cozy Little Corner in the Ritz
1.5 Please Don't Monkey with Broadway
1.6 Let's Not Talk About Love
1.7 I've Got My Eyes on You
1.8 Piano Medley: Why Can't You Behave?/I'm a Gigolo
1.9 What Am I to Do?
1.10 A Picture of Me Without You
1.11 Let's Be Buddies
1.12 I Introduced
1.13 Two Little Babes in the Wood
1.14 All Through the Night
1.15 Dream Dancing

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