Hugh Masekela: Sixty / Black To The Future / Notes Of Life

Hugh Masekela: Sixty / Black To The Future / Notes Of Life
Title: Sixty / Black To The Future / Notes Of Life
Label: Floating World

UK two CD set containing a trio of albums from the jazz great. Hugh Masekela is an internationally renowned South African trumpeter, composer and singer. He is known for his jazz compositions, as well as for writing anti-apartheid songs. Born in 1939, Masekela's music closely reflects his experience of the agony, conflict, and exploitation faced in South Africa during the 1950s and 1960s which inspired him to push for political change. He was an artist who in his music vividly portrayed the struggles and sorrows, as well as the joys and passions of his country. His music protested about apartheid, slavery, government and the daily hardships with which individuals were living. Masekela resonated with a large population that felt oppressed due to the country's political situation. Black To The Future and Notes Of Life were released in the post-apartheid era of the mid '90s and were followed by Sixty in 2000, presumably to commemorate Masekela's 60th birthday. The album consists of primarily African works starting with a tribute to Fela Kuti, a friend and kindred spirit in African horn playing and moving on through a number of traditional songs and trips down memory lane.

1.1 Fela
1.2 Thanayi
1.3 Shango
1.4 Mamoriri, Mbombela
1.5 Mgewundini
1.6 Nomalizo
1.7 Bo Masekela
1.8 Tamati So So
1.9 Ziphi'nkomo
1.10 Lizzy
1.11 Been Such a Long Time Gone
1.12 Koshana
2.1 Mama Ndoro
2.2 The Boy's Doin' It
2.3 Ashiko, Chileshe
2.5 Song of Love
2.6 Khawuleza
2.7 Child of the Earth
2.8 Excuse Me Baby Please!
2.9 Strawberries
2.10 Nina
2.11 Bokone
3.1 Mama
3.2 Heart Breaker
3.3 Moments of Love
3.4 Father of Our Nation
3.5 Whooh! Africa
3.6 No More Cryin'
3.7 Talking Thoughts
3.8 Bone Thru the Nose
3.9 Baby Ngiua Ku Thanda
3.10 Somebody Is Stealin' My Ca
3.11 Thank You Madiba

Hugh Masekela: Sixty / Black To The Future / Notes Of Life

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