Hundred Year Old Man: Rei

Hundred Year Old Man: Rei
Title: Rei
Label: Gizeh Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

Leeds-based post-metal six-piece Hundred Year Old Man follow their debut single Black Fire (2016) with the three-track EP Rei. The EP opens with "Sun & Moon", a monstrous slab of heaving guitars falling out of atmospheric beginnings. Paul Broughton's vocal erupts and the track explodes into life, destroying everything in it's path until the shadows return to close, leading the way into an interlude that corrodes and drifts before joining these two monolithic pieces. "Rei" rips into a cathartic sludge reminiscent of Neurosis at their best; it's a towering, immersive, nine-minute journey. Etching on the B side; Edition of 300.

1.1 Sun ; Moon - Hundred Year Old Man
1.2 A Year in the North Sea - Hundred Year Old Man
1.3 Rei - Hundred Year Old Man

Hundred Year Old Man: Rei

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