Hundreds: Aftermath Remixes

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Artist: Hundreds

Artist: Hundreds
Title: Aftermath Remixes
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

Hundreds, the duo of siblings Eva and Philipp Milner, has been turning heads since it's 2010 debut album with it's haunting mix of distant electronica and warm vocals. This EP features remixes of tracks from the duo's 2014 album Aftermath. Robag Wruhme reduces the broad, cinematic "Aftermath" to it's core; The/Das delivers a dusky remix of "Please Rewind," with a menacing beat and a compelling undertow of sharp drones; Christian Loffler adds a weightless, shimmering melancholy to "Ten Headed Beast;" and Brandt Brauer Frick closes with an enthralling remix of "Rabbits on the Roof," breaking out into an orchestral bang.

1.1 Aftermath (Robags Berchem Duff NB)
1.2 Please Rewind (The/Das Remix)
2.1 Ten Headed Beast (Christian Löffler Remix)
2.2 Rabbits On The Roof (Brandt Brauer Frick Celebrate Yourself Remix)

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