Huppertz / Strobel

Huppertz / Strobel: Metropolis

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Huppertz / Strobel
Title: Metropolis

In 2010, Gottfried Huppertz' original film composition for Metropolis was newly recorded for the presentation of the restored version of the film. The orchestra performed the music in synchronization with the film. During postproduction, the synchronization was further refined and optimized during the music editing process: the timing of certain passages was adjusted and musical transitions and pauses aligned to the moving image in correspondence to the numerous synchronization points already marked in the score to achieve a precise timing and the aspired interaction between the music and the film. In preparation for the issue of the complete music for Metropolis, film-oriented gaps were closed, musical transitions cut appropriately and the music mixed in close consultation with Maestro Frank Strobel.

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