Hxxs: Mkdrone

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Artist: Hxxs

Artist: Hxxs
Title: Mkdrone
Product Type: VINYL LP

When recording their EP 'MKDRONE,' duo Jeannie Colleene and Gavin Neves - a/k/a HXXS - were cramped in a San Jose warehouse, sharing a wall with a porn studio. Despite their vocal takes periodically interrupted by even louder and harsher vocal takes echoing in the halls, MKDRONE came together. When prescription medication became the only reprieve for an inoperable tooth infection that had one member sliding between unbearable pain and prescription-induced euphoria, the first single "Seppuku," the historical Japanese term for suicide by disembowelment, came to fruition.

1.1 Seppuku
1.2 Witch Hunt
1.3 Vices
2.1 Dripping Mercury
2.2 Trippin
2.3 Widowmaker

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