Hypnolove: Plexus

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Hypnolove

Title: Plexus
Label: Record Makers
Product Type: VINYL LP

Since their signature on Record Makers in 2005, the three boys from Hypnolove have never followed any rules and made everything possible to make their fans dance, with no disregard for '80s pop music, considered at the time far too cheesy. Eurodance, Italo, sweet space disco, boogie-funk: all these styles and subgenres that have somehow become respectable and craved by diggers today are part of Hypnolove's sound. After Eurolove thirteen years ago, a first LP considered by the band as a thrilling compilation of singles mixing new-wave and Italo, Hypnolove was back on stage (and in clubs) helped by genius producer Mickey Moonlight. Ghost Carnival (REC 098LP), their second album was then focused on zouk, exotica music and Italian disco. For their third album entirely recorded in a proper studio for the first time, Hypnolove was forced to more coherence in their sound. They decided to follow a clear line: make a 100% French record inspired by the French dance music made in France during the '70s and '80s, when a handful of studio heads were driven by the ambition of conquering the world by re-appropriating the emerging new genre that was funk at the time. Slap basslines, silly erotic hip-hop-ish lyrics, edgy guitar grooves... This new version of funk invented by some French ambitious musicians found it's identity under the name of French boogie. The record also recalls their all-time favorite soundtracks composed by Serge Gainsbourg, Pierre Bachelet, Francis Lai, or Vladimir Cosma. Plexus is a joyful record, full of irony and sublimated by wet voices dipped into a cocktail of Isabelle Adjani's "Pull Marine" and Corryne Charby's music. A record in which the band dives feet first in the groovy bass lines, the Macumba disco, the "Paris Latino-like" boogie, the disco balls and the luminous dancefloors, the '80's and 2020s

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