I Am Ghost

I Am Ghost: We Are Always Searching

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Product Type: CD
Artist: I Am Ghost

Title: We Are Always Searching
Label: Epitaph

Out of the murky graveyards and misty catacombs of Long Beach, California, arise I Am Ghost. Possessing powerful, melodic songwriting chops far beyond their years, these 5 young musicians quickly came to the attention of Epitaph founder Brett Gurewitz after just 4 shows, theatrical, visually compelling shows that have become the talk of Long Beach's thriving post emo/Indie Rock scene. Intricate and captivating, I Am Ghost moves seamlessly through Indie Rock, Metal and Hardcore, while keeping melody at the forefront to tug at the Souls of their fans; their female violin player/background singer gives the band a distinctive, haunting beauty. With bands like My Chemical Romance making a huge impact right now, I Am Ghost is a band to watch for in 2006! 9 tracks. 2005.

1.1 Dead Girl Epilogue, Pt. 1
1.2 Pretty People Never Lie/Vampires Never Really Die
1.3 We Are Always Searching
1.4 Eulogies and Epitaphs
1.5 Most Beautiful Nightmare, Pt. 2
1.6 Kiss Me Like You Wanted/We Will Never Tell
1.7 Lady Madeline in Her Coffin
1.8 Civil War and Isolation Thirst
1.9 Last Goodbye of Smile and Bone

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