I Am Robot and Proud

I Am Robot and Proud: Light & Waves

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Product Type: CD

Title: Light & Waves
Label: Darla Records

2015 release in digipak includes a bonus track. I Am Robot And Proud is the bright and beautiful electronic pop music of Shaw-Han Liem. Light and Waves is his eighth album. Light and Waves was recorded in Toronto, Canada. The process included both traditional recording methods and forward-thinking computer-assisted compositional techniques. Analog synthesizers, drum machines, acoustic guitars, toy instruments and a science lab full of electronic equipment provide a whimsical sonic pallet for his imaginary musical worlds. Shaw-Han also created his own computer programs to generate procedural drum sequences, process and mangle the sounds from live musicians, and built custom iPad interfaces for manipulating compositions. "As a programmer and designer, I have become very interested in creating new tools for making my own music. I'm really inspired by the idea of an 'engineer/artist' who can use technology to create new tools, and then use those tools to create a new kinds of work - whether that be musical, visual or interactive."

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