I Don't Cares

I Don't Cares: Wild Stab

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Product Type: CD
Artist: I Don't Cares

Artist: I Don't Cares
Title: Wild Stab

Paul Westerberg and Juliana Hatfield are the I Don't Cares and they don't care.

1.1 Back
1.2 Wear Me Out Loud
1.3 Born for Me
1.4 1/2 2P
1.5 Sorry for Tomorrow Night
1.6 Dance to the Fight
1.7 Kissing Break
1.8 Just a Phase
1.9 Outta My System
1.10 Need the Guys
1.11 Love Out Loud
1.12 King of America
1.13 Little People
1.14 Whole Lotta Nothin'
1.15 Done Done Done
1.16 Hands Together

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