I Wayne: Lava Ground

I Wayne: Lava Ground
Title: Lava Ground
Label: VP Records

The debut album from Jamaica's most sought after new artist I Wayne. His wispy voice and blazing lyrics are winning him fans worldwide. Features the tracks "Living in Love," "Lava Ground," and "Can't Satisfy Her."

1.1 Life Seeds
1.2 Lava Ground
1.3 Rastafari Liveth
1.4 More Life
1.5 Bleacher
1.6 Don't Worry
1.7 Mama and Papa
1.8 Nah Draw Nil
1.9 Touch Her Softly
1.10 Ready Fe Live Up
1.11 Kid Artist
1.12 Living in Love
1.13 Conquer - Fire Startrz, I Wayne
1.14 Can't Satisfy Her (Prelude)
1.15 Can't Satisfy Her
1.16 Grow Proper
1.17 Cool As the Breeze
1.18 Keep Burning Rome

I Wayne: Lava Ground

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