I Will Survive

I Will Survive: I Will Survive

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Product Type: CD
Artist: I Will Survive

Artist: I Will Survive
Title: I Will Survive

Dumped, duped or deceived, music is often the only true comfort when we're feeling heartbroken. The emotional power of music through such a time is pivotal in getting through the pain of a break up. The lyric that expresses exactly how we feel, the powerful vocal that captures our anger and frustration or the confident uplifting song that reassures US that we will get through this - they're all part of the process. This double CD contains some of the greatest songs of hurt, heart break and healing, from modern classics like Pink's Please don't leave me and Taylor Swift's Pictures to Burn to the great hits of the past such as Aretha Franklin's Respect and Gloria Gaynor's I Will Survive - there is literally something for every stage of the heartbreak rollercoaster!

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