Idan Raichel

Idan Raichel: At the Edge of the Beginning

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Idan Raichel

Artist: Idan Raichel
Title: At the Edge of the Beginning

Idan Raichel comes full circle and goes back to basics on his intimate album. With At the Edge of the Beginning, the international icon reflects on the cycles of life, human connections and stating anew.

1.1 Le' Chakot (To Wait) 3:06
1.2 Ha'yad Ha'chama (The Warm Hand) 2:48
1.3 Ba'yeshimon (In the Wilderness) 2:26
1.4 Mabitim Ba'yare'ach (Looking at the Moon) 2:51
1.5 Ma'agalim (Circles) 3:16
1.6 Ei Boded (Lonely Island) 2:15
1.7 Yalda Shelli Ktana (Little Girl of Mine) 2:14
1.8 Delet Mistovevet (Revolving Door) 2:44
1.9 Ga'agua (Longing) 2:44
1.10 Be'chamesh Shniyot (In Five Seconds) 3:14
1.11 Lifney She'yigamer (Before It Ends) 4:05

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