Iglew: Urban Myth

Iglew: Urban Myth
Title: Urban Myth
Label: Gobstopper Records
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

First vinyl release on Gobstopper Records; debut EP from Iglew, who says, "I didn't grow up in a city and there's no underground electronic music scene here. It's only in the last couple of years that I've heard soundsystem music in it's intended environment. I'm hyper aware of how effective bass can be because I only really heard it properly recently." The synth flashes and silence in "Sleep Lighter" contrast with the somber tones of "Urban Myth"; the clattering percussion of "Regalia" plays against the enveloping bass of "Cymatism." DJ support from Murlo, Oil Gang, Dark0, Airhead, and Last Japan. Iglew's compositional approach is based on harmony, melody and texture, as opposed to dancefloor hype. 'Urban Myth' is the result of the belated immersion of an outsider into sound system culture.

1.1 Sleep Lighter 4:27
1.2 Urban Myth 4:13
2.1 Regalia 5:56
2.2 Cymatism 3:18

Iglew: Urban Myth

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