Ike & Tina Turner: It's Gonna Work Out Fine

Ike & Tina Turner: It&
Title: It's Gonna Work Out Fine
Label: Jasmine Music

EU-only collection. Tina Turner is without doubt on of the greatest female vocalists of the 20th Century and is still a star today. Here we focus on her first two albums plus bonus singles. Ike & Tina Turner were amongst the first pioneer acts to help launch the sound of soul in the early '60's and this set includes the all-time classic recordings: "It's Gonna Work out Fine"; "A Fool in Love"; "I Idolize You" and more! Much of this material went on to influence the Rolling Stones and other British beat and blues groups. Unless history could be re-written it is fair to say that without these significant recordings there would have been no Tina Turner to ask what has love got to do with it.

1.1 I'm Jealous
1.2 I Idolize You
1.3 If
1.4 Letter from Tina
1.5 You Can't Love Two
1.6 I Had a Notion
1.7 A Fool in Love
1.8 Sleepless
1.9 Chances Are
1.10 You Can't Blame Me
1.11 You're My Baby
1.12 The Way You Love Me
1.13 You Should Have Treated Me Right
1.14 It's Gonna Work Out Fine
1.15 Poor Fool
1.16 Tra la la la la
1.17 Won't You Forgive Me
1.18 I Dig You
1.19 My Love
1.20 That's All I Need
1.21 A Fool Too Long
1.22 Puppy Love
1.23 Tina's Dilemma
1.24 The Argument
1.25 Mind in a Whirl
1.26 Please Don't Hurt Me
1.27 Worried and Hurtin' Inside

Ike & Tina Turner: It's Gonna Work Out Fine

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