I'Ll Be Damned: I'll Be Damned

Title: I'll Be Damned
Label: Drakkar
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited vinyl LP pressing in gatefold jacket. 2017 release. There is something archaic in rock 'n' roll, a wild and ferocious edge, as untamed and insane as a wild beast. There are those who harness this quality, those who are willingly devoured by it. And there are those who only pretend to get it. Who studied rock 'n' roll like they studied Algebra. All it takes to find out where Danish rock heavyweights I'll Be Damned set up camp is the opening track (aptly titled "Fever") of their stormy debut album I'll Be Damned. After six years in existence and countless big and small gigs under their leather belts, the hungry five-piece from Aarhus is about to internationally unleash it's first strike upon the sinful world of rock 'n' roll, a testimony for the left hand path so irrepressible, powerful and stomping it will march right over you. Twelve fine examples of this bewitchment have now found their way on to I'll Be Damned, a record so pure, direct and untamed it could have been forged in rock 'n' roll limbo itself. With the unfiltered force of debut album I'll Be Damned in their wake and a ravenous hunger to destroy every stage they can sink their teeth in, the final verdict for these rocking and rolling parvenus is as unambiguously as a hooker in a dark alley. So just "fuck the world and be happy", as they sing. It may very well be the wisest thing you will hear today.

1.1 Believe It
1.2 Fever
1.3 Drainage
1.4 Fuck the World (Be Happy)
1.5 Real Monsters
1.6 Your Only Home
1.7 People Who Hate People (Come Together)
1.8 Schizophrenic Homos
1.9 Right for the Money
1.10 Everything Wiggles
1.11 Shopping with a Shotgun
1.12 All Be Damned

I'Ll Be Damned: I'll Be Damned

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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