I'm Not Jim: You Are All My People

Title: You Are All My People
Label: Bloodshot Records

Meeting at a SILOS gig in New Orleans and bound by a mutual admiration for the other's craft, acclaimed novelist JONATHAN LETHEM and genre-bending band leader WALTER SALAS HUMARA of the Silos adventurously set out to pen some songs together. Jonathan Lethem is the best-selling author of seven novels, including You Don't Love Me Yet, and Fortress of Solitude. Walter Salas-Humara is the stalwart leader of the Silos, the critically acclaimed progenitors of the roots rock and Americana movements.

1.1 Mr. October
1.2 Towtruck
1.3 After Mild Winter
1.4 Howard
1.5 Amanda Morning
1.6 Drink 'Til I'm Sober
1.7 The Pitchers Gave Up
1.8 Walks Into
1.9 Uncomplicated
1.10 Elevated Plane
1.11 Lonely Gains
1.12 Missing Persons
1.13 Meter Running in a Crashed Cab
1.14 Hoping for a Comeback

I'm Not Jim: You Are All My People

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