Original Off-Broadway Cast

Original Off-Broadway Cast: Coraline

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Artist: Original Off-Broadway Cast
Title: Coraline

1.1 Overture
1.2 A New House
1.3 I Am Miss Spink (And I Am Miss Forcible)
1.4 A Mouse Circus
1.5 Mum and Dad
1.6 At the Other End
1.7 Song of the Rats
1.8 When We Were Young and Trod the Boards
1.9 Fluorescent Green Gloves
1.10 Welcome Home
1.11 A Lot of Noise
1.12 Song of the Rats
1.13 Theatre Is Fun
1.14 Stay with Us
1.15 The Ballad of the Wasps
1.16 Oh, What a Lovely Trip!
1.17 Go to Sleep
1.18 We Were Children Once
1.19 When You're a Cat
1.20 Song of the Rats
1.21 Recollections
1.22 Whatever You Want
1.23 Song of the Rats
1.24 The World Goes Flat
1.25 I Saw a Show on Telly Once
1.26 Falling... Falling
1.27 One Long Fairytale

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