Iñaki Sandoval

Iñaki Sandoval: Usaquen

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Artist: Iñaki Sandoval

Artist: Iñaki Sandoval
Title: Usaquen

All the songs from Usaquén are original compositions, including two songs written by bassist Horacio Fumero. Out of the 14 tracks of this large length CD (69 minutes), we can highlight songs as Hotel Existence, Usaquén, Alejos Pub or Peewy, dedicated to the memory of Peer Wyboris, who played drums in Sausolito, and died a few days after this recording was made.

1.1 Kaizen
1.2 The Jewel
1.3 Hotel Existence
1.4 Don't Forget to Smell the Roses
1.5 Torcacita
1.6 Cabur
1.7 Alejo's Pub
1.8 Usaqu N
1.9 Copla Para Alberto
1.10 El Detective Fumero
1.11 Peewy
1.12 Invenci N a 3 Voces
1.13 Luna Llena
1.14 Usaqu N [Piano Solo]

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