Imperial Age

Imperial Age: Legacy Of Atlantis The

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Imperial Age

Title: Legacy Of Atlantis The
Label: Adulruna

2018 release. The Legacy Of Atlantis is the second full-length album by the Russian Symphonic Metal masters Imperial Age, produced with support from the genre guru and founder Christofer Johnsson. The album is a full-scale Symphonic Metal opera set in the Middle Ages in Europe and in the legendary advanced prehistoric civilization of Atlantis. Majestic, powerful, lofty and solemn Symphonic Heavy Metal with male & female vocals, full choirs and orchestra will fill you with pure energy, inspire to do great deeds wherever you are and will always keep your spirits at the highest! The opera must be listened in full, from beginning to end, in order to get the full picture and experience the full feeling. The album features four lead singers (Aor, Anna Kiara, Jane Odintsova and Thomas Vikstrom), together with the Chamber Choir of the P.I. Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory.

1.1 The Awakening
1.2 The Legacy of Atlantis
1.3 The Monastery
1.4 Life Eternal
1.5 Domini Canes (March of the Holy Inquisition)
1.6 Love Eternal
1.7 The Escape
1.8 Islands in Time
1.9 And I Shall Find My Home

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