Incognito: Live in London: The 30th Anniversary

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Incognito

Title: Live in London: The 30th Anniversary
Label: Inakustik

Jean-Paul Bluey Maunick celebrated Incognito's 30th birthday on stage at the London INDIGO2 with a thrilling concert in summer 2009. It was a fantastic night: With their blend of soul and jazz, funk and fusion, almost 30 musicians, and several surprise guest appearances, the audience was electrified.

1.1 Talkin' Loud
1.2 Step Aside
1.3 When the Sun Comes Down
1.4 Jacob's Ladder
1.5 Centre of the Sun
1.6 Get Into My Groove
1.7 Labour of Love
1.8 Ain't No Mountain
1.9 Always There
1.10 Colibri
1.11 N.O.T
1.12 This Thing Called Love
2.1 Still a Friend of Mine
2.2 Can't Get You Out of My Head
2.3 Deep Waters
2.4 Wild and Beautiful
2.5 Morning Sun
2.6 Expresso Madureira
2.7 Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing
2.8 Reach Out
2.9 Everyday
2.10 I Hear Your Name
2.11 Nights Over Egypt

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