Incubus: Incubus HQ Live

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Incubus

Artist: Incubus
Title: Incubus HQ Live

Last summer, over a span of six days, Incubus celebrated their 20th anniversary as a band by renting out a gallery in downtown Los Angeles to perform and connect with their fans in the most intimate of settings. The band documented this unique experience on high-quality video and stunning audio, making up the much-anticipated release, INCUBUS HQ LIVE.

1.1 Intro
1.2 Nice to Know You
1.3 Circles
1.4 Wish You Were Here
1.5 Privilege
1.6 The Warmth
1.7 Stellar
1.8 Drive
1.9 Megalomaniac
1.10 Just a Phase
1.11 Anna Molly
1.12 Promises
1.13 Love Hurts
1.14 Pardon Me
1.15 If Not Now, When?
1.16 Adolescents
2.1 Wish You Were Here
2.2 Circles
2.3 Consequence
2.4 11 A.M
2.5 Promises, Promises
2.6 Anna Molly
2.7 Rogues
2.8 Isadore
2.9 Just a Phase
2.10 Glass
2.11 In the Company of Wolves
2.12 Nice to Know You
2.13 I Miss You
2.14 Pantomime
2.15 Megalomaniac
2.16 Blood on the Ground
2.17 Nowhere Fast
2.18 Adolescents
2.19 If Not Now, When?

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