Indigo Girls

Indigo Girls: Shaming of the Sun

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Indigo Girls

Artist: Indigo Girls
Title: Shaming of the Sun

Shaming of the Sun is the Indigo Girls' 1st new studio album since '94s Swamp Ophelia; that year the duo of Emily Saliers & Amy Ray was the #1 AAA Artist of the Year, had one of the Top 50 tours of the year and entered the Billboard Top 200 Chart at #9. Full of extraordinary music, this album presents a diverse set of 12 songs ranging from rocking, uptempo cuts (1st single "Shame on You") to their trademark candid ballads to hip hop swagger ("Shed Your Skin"). Upcoming tour includes amphitheater and college dates, plus a high school tour!

1.1 Shame on You
1.2 Get Out the Map
1.3 Shed Your Skin
1.4 It's Alright
1.5 Caramia
1.6 Don't Give That Girl a Gun
1.7 Leeds
1.8 Scooter Boys
1.9 Everything in It's Own Time
1.10 Cut It Out
1.11 Burn All the Letters
1.12 Hey Kind Friend

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