Infernal Majesty: No God

Infernal Majesty: No God
Title: No God
Label: High Roller

2017 release. The long wait is finally over: Canadian thrash metal masters Infernäl Mäjesty - who are celebrating their 30th anniversary in 2017 - are at last presenting the world with a new full-length album. No God is their fourth LP, and the first to come out in thirteen years. Singer and band mastermind Chris Bailey is more than excited about the release: "We are seriously feeling awesome. When your hard work, thoughts and ideas finally come together into reality it's a great feeling. " Infernäl Mäjesty went through some line-up changes before the album was recorded: Eric Dubreuil (bass) and Kris DeBoer (drums) left and were replaced with two new members. Some may know new drummer Kiel Wilson from his time with Canadian melodic death metal outfit Severed Serenity, while new bassist Daniel Nargang is actually the singer of the classic heavy metal outfit Kick Axe. "This is without a doubt the strongest we have been. We have no missing pieces now. No weak links." It took the band a year to capture the amazing, heavy and dark, crisp and powerful sound of No God. The beautifully somber cover artwork, originally titled 'Death Angel' or 'Fallen Angel', was contributed by the exquisite and incredibly gifted artists Safir & Rifas.

1.1 Enter the World of the Undead
1.2 In God You Trust
1.3 Signs of Evil
1.4 Another Day in Hell
1.5 No God
1.6 Kingdom of Heaven
1.7 Nation of Assassins
1.8 Systematical Extermination
1.9 Extinction Level Event

Infernal Majesty: No God

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