Inger Lorre

Inger Lorre: Transcendental Medication

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Inger Lorre

Artist: Inger Lorre
Title: Transcendental Medication

Having been called volatile, unpredictable and gifted, Inger Lorre cannot be easily pigeon-holed or categorized. Her music draws from punk, soul, blues, the Stooges and her own very unique life experience. With an all-new band and eleven dynamic new songs, Inger Lorre is back with her fist-ever solo-CD. The collection includes the return swipe to Courtney "She's Not Your Friend," the "Sweat Released," the catchy sing-along 'It Could Happen to You" and the driving "Beautiful Dead." a dynamic collection with a wide emotional scope, Transcendental Medication reveals an influential and exciting artist.

1.1 She's Not Your Friend
1.2 Beautiful Dead
1.3 It Could Happen to You
1.4 Gibby Haynes Is Next
1.5 Haunted Hill
1.6 Devils Priest
1.7 Yard of Blonde Girls
1.8 Thief Without the Take
1.9 Dusted
1.10 Sweet Release
1.11 7B

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