Ingrowing: Cyberspace

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Ingrowing

Title: Cyberspace
Label: Parat

Ingrowing are coming from Czech Republic and play brutal death/grind metal. After 6-7 split releases with other bands, they released their debut album "Cyberspace" on 1998. Parat re-released it as 20-years anniversary edition, including 10 bonus tracks!This is a must for every death/grind fan!

1.1 Underture
1.2 Cyberspace Floats Through Me
1.3 Tourettized
1.4 Polyaanghuulaar Dereeems
1.5 Sunken
1.6 Surreal Ego Ravening
1.7 We Create Another Future
1.8 Sexual Inferiority
1.9 Mournful Dejection
1.10 Synergy 0.29
1.11 Perpetual (The Unplugged Factory......Unperpetualism)
1.12 Intro
1.13 Virus Bioforge
1.14 Just Only Weeping Decadence
1.15 Sadomasochistic Grind / Mind Fucker
1.16 Agnosis
1.17 Pithecanthrope Syndrome
1.18 Cortex Combustion
1.19 Bitch Death Teenage Mucous Monster from Hell (Impetigo cover)
1.20 Deragned for Loathesome (Haemorrhage cover)

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